Music Ministries

Bill Crittenden, Worship Ministries

The Music Ministry is to the preacher and preaching service what John the Baptist was to Jesus...for forerunner, the team that says, "prepare ye the way for the Word of the Lord." While the preaching of the Word of God should be preeminent in a church service, music has been divinely ordained and chosen by God to be a tool that invites His power and presence into our lives. Music is a mode of communication that prepares our hearts, softens our spirits, and makes us ready to hear and respond to God's truth. In this light, it should be given a high priority in church.

The church service is not entertainment, and it is not about pleasing is about pleasing God. Our goal should not be to mimic our culture but to obey the Word of God. Our desire in the Music Ministry should not be to please our desires, but to honor the Lord. Our Music Ministry should be built upon a spirit of surrender and submission to God, not upon a self-centered "I want my MTV" attitude.

At the end of the day, those who serve in the Music Ministry must desire that their music be powerful in its spiritual impact. We must hunger that God would use our songs to influence true spiritual transformation in the hearts of people! Without this, our music is nothing more than entertainment...or worse, just noise.

Our Music Ministry opportunities include the Adult Choir and Orchestra, Youth Ensemble, Children's Choir and Hand Bells, and our Drama Department.