Children's Ministries


A thriving children’s program is essential for any church that seeks to effectively meet the needs of its community.  When a child who becomes excited about the activities in his class at church conveys that excitement to his parents, it encourages them to be faithful in their attendance.  Many parents have been won to the Lord through the faithful persistence of children!  Likewise, if a child does not want to attend his Sunday School class and complains about going into church, or if his parents do not approve of his classroom environment, they will use it as an excuse not to attend.  The church that does not focus on expanding it's Children’s Ministries is stifling its own growth.

At Central Baptist Church, we have what we call the Triple "E" Philosophy:

      Engage children in active worship and study,

      Educate them to reach Christ and His love, and

      Empower them to reach another.

Our Children's Ministry is Christ-centered.  Knowing Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him is at the center of all our programs, curricula and decision-making.

Our Children's Ministry is Child-Focused.  Before children can learn about Jesus they (and their parents or guardians) must feel safe and welcome.

Our Children's Ministry is Creative.  We believe that learning about Jesus should be fun and relevant.  We use drama, music, videos, games and interactive exercises to involve the children in learning Bible truths.