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Bus Ministry

Those who have had experience in the Bus Ministry know there is no ministry as rewarding as working on a bus route.  While many churches have trimmed or deleted the Bus Ministry from their budget, we believe the Bus Ministry to be as viable and needed as ever before.

Mark 1 gives us insight into just one day in the life of Jesus.  Our Savior’s example reminds us that real ministry involves real work.  As we seek to imitate Christ in our work, let us remember how He treated the children who came to Him. After a full day of preaching and healing, when His disciples wanted to send the children away so their Master could rest, He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not:” (Mark 10:14)

When we are at our weakest from fatigue, sickness, or personal problems, we still have the privilege of ministering to the children on our buses.  Many of them come from broken homes and abusive families; riding the bus is the highlight of their entire week.  They know that when they come to church, they will be loved, protected, and cared for, and we must not let them down.

We never know what the troublesome child will grow up to become because we took the time to mentor him.  The same child who kicks everyone that sits by him may very well become a missionary one day, and God chose us to lead him to Christ on a bus ride.  In God’s eyes, that child is a precious soul for which He cared enough to die.  In God’s eyes, that child is as important as our membership.  God sees the seeds of potential that lie in each little heart surrendered to Him, and it is our duty to help those seeds blossom and take root in God’s Word.

Over 200 riders make their professions of faith in Christ each year, many of them being baptized and grafted into the church family. 

To be used in the Bus Ministry, you must simply be yielded to God’s service and allow Him to love the children on your bus route through you.