Adult Ministries

Dr. Bruce Barton, Senior Pastor

LifeStages Bible Classes

The Adult Bible classes will provide learning and fellowship for the adults in those classes; however, the adult Bible class should not become disconnected from the rest of the church family. It is important that the classes remain open and friendly within the church as a whole. To encourage fellowship between the classes and to encourage all adults in the church family to become involved and grow spiritually, Central Baptist Church holds a variety of church-wide events. These events occur under the leadership of various ministry directors, are scheduled on our yearly calendar, and are carefully planned to meet the dual needs of spiritual growth and fellowship.

LifeStages Bible Classes meet every Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and are based on age so that topics and fellowship are more relevant to each group.  All of our classes have excellent teachers and classes activities outside of the classroom.

                    Crusader Class ~ ages 18-35

                    Foundation Class ~ ages 36-55

                    Heritage Class ~ ages 56-100

                    Extension Class ~ Pamama Nursing Center

                    Athlea Ladies ~ ladies, any age

Senior Adults


Our Seniors are active in many ways: special lunches, dinners out, trips to interesting sights out of town - whatever strikes their fancy.  Some are retired, some are not, some are married, others are widowed; all desire to deepen their friendship and mainstream new Seniors into the fellowship.


Seniors at Central never wait to be asked to participate in the ministries.  They step out and help across the board from Nursery workers to Sunday School teachers to the Hospitality Committee members, encompassing kitchen serving and decorating receptions.


Senior Adults are a "natural resource."  Though they are leaders in many ministries, Senior Adults are as valuable one-on-one.  In the Fall of 2009, we hope to ignite a program that matches a Senior Adult with a younger person.  A match might be for

 grandmothering of a child, but just as easily be for a middle-aged man to learn some plumbing skills from his elder.  There are needs to be loved, play a game, learn to mow, sew a pillow, hem a skirt, toss a football, bake anything, check the oil, research a Scripture or be friends to newlyweds.  We can set more Central family love in practice, and the key components are found in the wisdom, experience, healed hearts, and Godliness of our Senior Adults.

Man of His Word


"Man of His Word" is designed to create healthy habits for Christian men that will create a closer walk with Christ and, in doing so, impact our entire congregation, our community, and our world. We believe that "Man of His Word" could be an impetus for revival among the men of our church as we dedicate ourselves to guarding our hearts, our minds, our families, our  church  and  our nation against  the satanic forces that are out to destroy us. Please join us in becoming a "Man of His Word"!


Our goal is to challenge every man in our church and community to be all they can be for Christ!


The purpose of Central Baptist's Men's Ministry is to lead men from isolation to brotherhood and arm them to be Christ-like leaders at home, in the Church, and out in the community.

Man of His Word Values
  • Every man is important in our church.
  • Every man needs to be prayed for.
  • Every man needs to be discipled and developed.
  • Every man needs to have a brother inside the church.
  • Every man needs to be challenged and guided to growth.
  • Every man needs to have a personal mission statement.
  • Every man needs to have a personal growth plan.
  • Every man needs to be held accountable.
  • Every man needs to be a servant/leader in every area of their lives, especially if they have a wife and family.
  • Every man needs to be aggressively pushing for the kingdom of God.

Central Ladies Ministry 200

Central Ladies

Central Ladies gives women (high school graduates to age 99) an opportunity for friendship-building and sharing.  Because Bible study is actively offered through our LifeStages Bible classes and our preaching services, we set aside time for our ladies to get together for a common interest or just, plain fun!  Activities have included retreats, craft times, fashion shows, and simple potlucks.  Fellowship and fun are only limited by the imagination of our women.