Welcome From Pastor Barton


Since 1956, Central Baptist Church has become a place where people can find friendships and love; a place where lives are established upon the promises of God's Word. This has truly become a place where hearts are touched and changed.

This website will give you a close-up glimpse of some of the wonderful things that God has done here at CBC. This site is a guide to the many ways that our church can serve you and to the many ways you can serve the Lord and others in this place. As you view these pages, we hope you will understand our purpose, sense our love, and capture our vision for serving the people of this region and for introducing them to Jesus Christ in a church founded upon the unchanging truths of the Bible.

As the ministry of our church continues to grow and mature, we are honored to serve you! As we minister to families from Panama City, Lynn Haven, Callaway, Parker, Southport, Wewahitcha, and beyond, our dream is to effectively help meet your spiritual needs.

Slide - God Centered - God Centered

God Centered

God has ordained His church to be the vehicle for His work. We have chosen to submit to His leading in our lives rather than our own self-centeredness. At CBC, you will not find ministries that are centered upon man, but centered upon God...His desires, His will, His wishes.

Slide - Truth Driven - Truth Driven

Truth Driven

The Word of God is inexhaustible and infallible. We believe in the fundamental fact that we must have truth, and that truth sets us free. That truth is found in the inerrant Word of God. From the pew, the classroom, and the pulpit, our membership is driven by the Word of God as our guide and the truth of God as our only hope.

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People Focused

God created us for His good pleasure and he called the believer to reach His creation with the Gospel, building up his converted believers through the edification of His Word. Therefore, Central Baptist Church’s sole purpose is the evangelism of the world and the edification of the saints for the exhaltation of the Savior.

“We will not tire, we will not rest until all the world has known the truth of God’s saving grace.”

Bruce Barton, Senior Pastor